Why Turf 10

Why Turf 10?

 My name is Jim Rogers, the C.E.O. of Turf 10 lawns. During my formative years, I always had lawn mowing and landscaping jobs to earn a few dollars. In 1972, I graduated from high school, and almost immediately started a career in firefighting with a suburban Chicago volunteer fire district. After achieving the rank of Lieutenant on an engine company in 1977, it appeared as though my career path was set. The only issue was lack of pay – with a wife and child to support, it was necessary to maintain a full time job as well as working shifts at the fire house. In 1979, I took a job fertilizing lawns for the leader in the field, ChemLawn corporation. After 2 years and some 10,000 lawns under my belt, I was promoted to the Chicago and Western States Zone manager position with the company. By 1984, I left the fire service to concentrate on my lawn care career full time, and I moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to open the first expansion branch for Green Drop Lawns, a lawn care company based in Calgary, Alberta. After 2 years and another 5,000 lawns under my belt, I again moved – this time to the company headquarters in Calgary as the President of the lawn care division of Green Drop Ltd. I recently retired from the company in the role of Senior Manager in charge of U.S. operations based in my home town of Chicago. My focus was on customer service training, field operations and all technical turf related issues. I tip my hat to Green Drop – I was treated like family for decades by great people! That said, it was time for the next chapter – leaving corporate life to pursue my true passion - working with TURF – and personal attention to my customers - on a full time basis.

Hence, we arrive at “Why Turf 10?” After nearly 40 years in the business, and hearing what customers really wanted in a lawn care company, it became increasingly obvious to me that the majority of the “professional lawn care” industry has evolved into the “professional lawn marketing” industry. Service cultures have evolved into Sales cultures – it has turned into another growth driven industry like so many others. And with this evolution, customers keep changing providers hoping to hit on one who “gets it” – well, WE GET IT! 

The Mission

It is to this end that I have decided to form Turf 10 – with the help of my C.F.O. wife Tina! We are a new company based on old school lawn care principles – make lawns green and provide superb customer service. The objective is really quite simple - to gain new work through referrals – no door to door interruptions, no telephone solicitation, no mass marketing – just green lawns and satisfied customers passing along the word! We appreciate your interest in our company, and look forward to accomplishing our goal – to achieve as close to a “10” experience as we possibly can!

Turf “10” lawn care thanks you for your interest!
Jim and Tina Rogers